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Sports clubs

Take your sports club to the next level with Peepl.

Football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, squash, rugby, swimming, dancing... these are just a few of the many sports that our customers and their members exercise. The basis is always the same: through one central platform, athletes, sponsors and sympathizers are kept informed of training, competitions, results and fun activities.

Sports clubs are increasingly being regarded as a professional organization. It is therefore essential to no longer let member data lying around in different Excel files or folders in your club room. By means of an online platform such as Peepl you ensure that you can collaborate with several people. Data and documents are stored securely online and the privacy preferences of the members are also taken into account.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Overview of the contact details of athletes, sponsors as well as sympathizers
  • Flexible subdivision into teams and (work) groups
  • Targeted communication on the basis of emails and news items
  • Club activities, competitions and training in a shared calendar
  • Sending membership fees and following up on payments
  • Your own website that is automatically filled in with content from Peepl

Case: KFC Marke

In the past, communication often took place via notes. This didn't always go smoothly, because most of the notes disappeared in the children's bag and mum or dad later found the note back in the washing machine. With Peepl it is possible to send a mailing to several teams or all members at once.
We opted for an online platform that allows us to have central membership management, documents and internal communication with the possibility to give access to various board members.
Patrick Gysbrecht
Judicial Correspondent KFC Marke

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