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Non-profits and socio-cultural organizations

Volunteers cooperate better with Peepl

Non-profit organizations, socio-cultural organizations, charities, welfare work: they are all working hard to help people move forward. But not everyone knows that a team of volunteers is available behind every organization that performs administrative tasks in addition to the many activities and information sessions. Thanks to flexible working groups and a shared calendar on a user-friendly platform, Peepl helps them move forward.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Overview of all contact details of each volunteer
  • All volunteers subdivided into working groups
  • Targeted communication on the basis of emails and news items
  • Organize training courses, information sessions and meetings in an instant
  • Automatic email flow of invitations, reminders and confirmation for each activity
  • Documents and reports are stored online and are easy to share

Case: Tele-Onthaal Antwerpen

As a volunteer at Tele-Onthaal you can log in to Peepl and you will find all the information you need in just a few clicks, such as news reports, documents, photos, registrations for info sessions... Thanks to comments to news and activities you are in direct contact with you fellow volunteers.
We hear from volunteers that it is very easy to log in to Peepl and get started quickly. With a few clicks they have all the information they need.
Eva Van Houdt
Staff member Tele-Onthaal Antwerp

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Case: TEJO

All contacts and volunteers are grouped in groups in Peepl, so that the board can communicate very easily with everyone. If there is an activity with Onthaal, an email or invitation can be sent quickly. The employees can also easily enroll and unsubscribe for the courses for Flanders as a whole.
If Peepl would not exist anymore tomorrow, I could never complete the work I do now as communication manager on a 40-hour week.
Lieve Van Boxem
Communication manager TEJO Flanders

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